GHO Vice President Nominees

Dani Godin (Young Harris College)

Beginning my GHO experience on the host committee for the 2015 GHO conference sparked my interest in continued involvement within GHO. The opportunity to serve as the Vice President of GHO would allow me to give back to an organization that has helped me find a functional area to call home. I believe the leadership and organizational skills that I possess will allow me to perform the duties of the Vice President with success. My background in housing, and fraternity and sorority life, have given me a number of experiences in communicating with various organizations and managing multiple priorities simultaneously. Additionally, it has helped me to hone my ability to examine the guiding documents of an organization and analyze ways in which these documents can be improved. These are skills that I would be thrilled to use to support GHO and its members.

Mark Jestel (Piedmont College)

It would be a great honor to be considered for the GHO VP position. I started my housing experience in GA nine years ago and have enjoyed seeing the GHO group change and evolve over time. I would like to be a part of this change and give back to the program which gave me my start. Over the course of my housing experience, I have been a part of large, small and medium-sized institutions and also have experience with public and private institutions as well. Through this diverse experience, I am able to consider the needs of each type of institution and identify how GHO can help them reach their goals. Having been the recipient of the "Peach of a Program" award at the recent GHO conference, I would also like to use my position as the VP of GHO to create more professional development opportunities for GHO members to learn and grow from the many resources our state has to offer.

Briceli Llavona (Augusta University)

I am interested in serving on the Georgia Housing Officer's Board because I would like to give back to the profession that has molded me into the professional that I am today. I have been in Housing and Residence Life since 2009 and have had the pleasure of working at both large and mid-size institutions ranging from 11,800 residents in housing to 900 residents. I believe that working at a variety of institutions provided me with the ability to see from different perspectives. I have not served on a state or regional board before but I am excited to learn more about GHO and help in any way I can to continue developing our GHO experience provide leadership development for our new professionals, and represent our state at regional and national meetings. As a mid-manager, I strongly believe that leading as an example will show new professionals that getting involved and giving back to the profession is important in the overall advancement of our field for the sake of our residents, institutions, and other stakeholders. If given the opportunity to be Vice President of GHO, I would like to help Asmita continue growing and developing GHO in addition to supporting all Georgia institutions and their professionals.

Mark McNalley (Valdosta State University)

My interest in running for the VP position can best be summed up by saying that I’m wanting to jump back in as soon as possible to helping with the GHO executive board. At various times throughout the four years I’ve worked in the state of Georgia, I’ve made attempts to get involved but staff departures at my home institution cut my attempts off, sometimes before they even started. Now, with a full staff, I’m not wanting another opportunity to pass me by. Also, part of the reason for my application is that I’ve noticed over the past four years how much entry-level position staff members find their way into high-ranking positions in GHO and I’d like to serve as a leader in this organization as a mid-level professional and as someone who has been connected to the state (and the region) for an extended period of time. Finally, my interest stems from the fact that Valdosta State University, my home institution, is hosting GRHO in 2018 and I think it would be a good move for VSU to host the student conference and host a member of the executive board.


GHO State Editor Nominees

Scott Lundgren (Columbus State University)

I am very interested in the State Editor position for GHO. I believe my experience that I have and my involvement in other state and national committees will assist me in this position and assist GHO in becoming greater connected in the SEAHO region. I truly believe GHO is doing some extraordinary things in the region and we need to ensure that everyone in GHO, and in SEAHO, knows about them. I believe getting the honor of serving in the State Editor positon would ensure this. I have served as the SEAHO Grant Sub-Committee Chair for the past two years and will continue on with that this upcoming year. In this position, I solicit submissions from all institutions in the SEAHO region and I believe, if given the opportunity to serve in this position, it will assist GHO in getting the information needed to be potentially recognized for all the amazing things that we accomplish. I also have a BSBA in Marketing, a M.Ed. in Higher Education, and I am currently getting my MBA. I believe my knowledge and experience in these fields will assist in the marketing aspect of soliciting articles, creating and developing the newsletter, and growing our social media presence. Thank you for considering me for the position. It is one that I am very excited about!

Benito Nieves (Georgia Institute of Technology)

The GHO State Editor position would be a great opportunity for me to continue serving this field through my passion: writing. I have used writing at six colleges and universities to communicate with, celebrate and connect campus members. Through newsletter, newspaper, op-ed, feature articles, and media campaigns, I have been able to spotlight what our college communities have to offer; and I love doing so. Journalism was my childhood passion, but my college experience steered me towards student affairs. Within my work, I try to find ways to marry the two. At Tech, I volunteer write for our faculty and staff print newsletter, the LGBTQIA Resource Center e-newsletter, and our daily communications newsletter which is sent to the entire campus. While these have been great experiences to work with students, staff, alumni and campus constituents, the commitments are sporadic in occurrence. Working for an ongoing project – especially one that serves all the officers in our state – would be a change of pace and a challenge I welcome. It would also provide me an opportunity to become more engaged in my GHO affiliation.

Frantz Salomon (Mercer University)

I am seeking the position of GHO State Editor because I would like the opportunity to engage with the members of our association on a grand level. I feel it is imperative that we maintain engagement with our constituents outside of our annual conferences. It is important for our family to feel connected throughout the state and to share in triumphs and challenges that face us all. I feel through this position we can achieve that goal and strengthen the bond of our organization.